Glacier National Park June, 2010

My Lady and I went to Glacier National Park because of a picture on her co-worker\'s desk. It was pretty rad.

Greenwood Car Show 2009

I got tired of sitting around the house. So I walked around the neighborhood and saw some old cars.

San Diego

I went to the largest democratic gathering in the world this year. 15,000 teachers all gathered for decision-making. I also tried to be more awesome.

Ocean Shores, 2-14-09

For this year's birthday adventure, I went to Ocean Shores. I camped in the cold and went to the beach three times. It was pretty glorious.

birthday santa cruz

mission: Santa Cruz, California and back in three days. visit some old sights. see what happens. hilarity ensues.

perseid adventure

my BFF and I decided to watch meteors and attend the wedding of our union presidents all in one. what an adventure!

glacier expedition 2008

the goal: poke a glacier. the results: a lot of hiking, not so much poking.

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