Doo Wop Rally 2010

My favorite rally. I didn\'t have a ride, but I volunteered and took some photos.

Doo Wop Rally 2009

Since the new rally car isn't ready, I volunteered to help out the rally by co-driving for another VW driver.

Wild West Rally 2008

Wild West 2008 was my first time co-driving for someone other than my brother. All these photos are from my fancy phone.

olympus rally

Pomeroy, Washington proved to be the place where we finally rolled the car. it's most likely the end of the rally car but probably not the end of our rally career.

LSPR 2007

The DemonRally Team got the opportunity to compete in the Lake Superior Pro Rally (LSPR) race in Michigan's upper peninsula. We also got the opportunity to win our group on a national level!

doo wop rally 2008

this is what rally is like for the co-driver. sort of.

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