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Bronze Fawn, Panther Attack!, The Oregon Donor, The Mission Orange – The Comet

I’ve reviewed all of these bands before, and it’s 1:18 AM, so I’ll be brief.

Don’t you hate it when people say “I’ll be brief.” when they could have been much briefer by not saying that in the first place. Well, it annoys me. Plus it reminds of briefs. Ugh.

The Mission Orange: Back in my first review of them, I said they should play with Panther Attack and Bronze Fawn.  I win.  Also, they are still awesome.  They’ll be playing folklife, the festival I never will go to.

The Oregon Donor: In that same review, I say that The Oregon Donor is okay, but not awesome.  They still are.

Panther Attack!: Panther Attack! ruled super hard tonight!  They stayed really technical but were all angry and passionate at the same time.  I, and the rest of the venue, were ecstatic!!  These guys keep getting better.

Bronze Fawn: Awesome! I like Bronze Fawn a lot.  They’re so epic and long-attention-span and loud all at once.  It’s great.  And there’s live-modified (edited? what’s the word?) video to go along with it.  I’m excited for the new record they’re going to record in May.

The soup I made for dinner: So good!  I made potato leek soup and bought some rosemary flatbread to go with it.  I did a great job.  I am awesome.

I’m pretty sure I saw Seattle Show Gal at the show tonight (I think I was rocking out right next to her, actually. Don’t ask me how I know, just recall that I have a stupid ability to remember things.), so if you want a more professional review with ratings and what not, you can probably find it at her blog.  I’m too tired to think straight.  However, I’m looking forward to pretty much everything coming up.  So that’s pretty awesome.

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Bronze Fawn, You May Die in the Desert, Snowman Plan, The Friendly Skies, Waves and Radiation – Cumulus Festival Day 3: The Vera Project

I have thoroughly enjoyed today.  Started off with a fine brunch and a briskly cold walk at Seward Park with a lovely lady and ended with awesome music.

The Vera Project was less populated than the first two venues, but I was talking with one of the organizers of the festival while I was buying a bunch of loot and it appears that The Cumulus Festival will continue next year sometime as they have done well.  I’m very glad about that and I let Mark, the organizer I was speaking with, know that I was appreciative of his and the other organizer’s efforts.  It was great to see some of the same people at all the shows and to be reminded that our music scene is so diverse and awesome.  Man, what a great day I had today.

Waves and Radiation
I made it in time for the first band today! Possibly because the show started at 4:00. W ‘n’ R are a four piece of standard two guitar, bass and drums configuration. Though, the word is that their drummer played his last show with the band this afternoon. Their set was the soundtrack to an alternate movie version of Moby Dick that I daydreamed about while they played. The whale, swimming for miles looking for food, while, out of nowhere a ship attacks it. An epic battle ensues, but the whale takes many casualties and escapes. He spends time healing in solitude and sending out lonely, plaintive cries. Once he is done healing, he moves to California and holds awesome rock parties with celebrities and loud bands and lives large off all of the movie rights to his story. Eventually, Captain Ahab finds him by reading about his exploits in the tabloids and another epic battle ensues. This time, the victor is the Captain. The world mourns the loss of the great whale and sentences Ahab to death, which he does not accept so gracefully. My theme tonight is soundtracks. They are all going to be this weird.

The Friendly Skies
Finally a two-piece! I was expecting lots more minimalism at the festival, I guess. TFS use a guitar and drums and some keys and loops and some ninja magic to make the guitar half bass and half regular guitar. They are the perfect soundtrack to a leisurely drive down the coast. Wonderful melodies and fantastic drumming make the wind tousle your hair and the sea breezes wash away all the pain of city life. Though your car might break down a few times, you’ll get back on the road and live your life because it feels awesome right now. I bought a record and a CD. The drummer was suffering from a cold and his floor tom kept falling over. The guitarist was having electrical problems with his pedal and tuning problems with his guitar. Despite these equipment difficulties, I was still impressed by the duo. Yay, Portland!

Snowman Plan
I had heard the name Snowman Plan bandied about many times and seen it on quite a few of those DIY shows that I meant to go to but never did. I’m glad I finally got a chance to listen. They were without a drummer: “Our drummer is not here because he was poisoned, but I made a robot drummer for us to play with.” So, it was drum machine, crazy 8-bit sounding samples, bass, violin, and cello for the three people there tonight. The violinist may have been the same one from Beast, Please Be Still but I’m too tired to look it up right now. Snowman Plan played the soundtrack to TRON 2 (which they are actually making? (but not with my awesome plot)) this afternoon. The battle between technology and classical thought. The one where the MCP finds a way to send Sark into the real world even though he was derezzed. Old programs never die. No, nevermind, Snowman Plan is the soundtrack to the SEGA CD game for the movie TRON 2 that I just described. A cool mix of 16-bit music plus actual recorded music. I won’t ruin the movie and tell you who wins.

You May Die in the Desert
YMDITD is a power trio + iPod. They were possibly the mathiest band of the weekend with cool technical lines and tapping guitars and rocking out. A long time ago my band was lucky enough to play two shows with them, one at Ground Zero with Joules and one that I put together at The LAB with Woke Up Falling. They’ve come a good long way in that time. Their shirts are much fancier now. And they sound like the soundtrack to the Godzilla prequel that I’m going to make up right now. Godzilla is in dinosaur love with his beautiful green wife, minding his own business. A Japanese warship glides over their underwater lair and accidentally slices off the head of his wife. Needless to say, he is pissed. The soundtrack to his revenge is a bit weird and destructive at the same time. Yet it’s marginally whimsical as the scientists anxiously discuss their next move. All the while Godzilla is in another scene blasting the hell out of Tokyo. Just you wait, it will decimate the city. You cannot stop him except by killing him. When a dinosaur loses his wife in a tragic boating accident, he throws down hard. Just like YMDITD does when they play. Just like I like it.

Bronze Fawn
I’ve talked about Bronze Fawn about a million times on here. I really like them a lot. It’s hard to even make a soundtrack metaphor, since they bring their own video guy who makes videos right on the spot for listeners and viewers to enjoy. The only thing I could think of would be the soundtrack to an expedition in Antarctica. That loneliness and little bit of melancholy. That lurking danger of freezing to death and then, occasionally, success in your mission, whatever it may be. And then a Megalodon eats your face off. On an unrelated note, I mentioned that Bronze Fawn might be on my makeout playlist if I had one. It turns out I was 100% correct on that intuition. Not that I was making out with anyone while they were playing, but at least four couples were entwined in a loving embrace during their set. I guess it shows my state of mind when I’m thinking about freezing to death in Antarctica while everyone else is thinking about what their kids will look like or how to show someone they care without showing they care too much and therefore looking needy. Man, Bronze Fawn is good.

What a great festival this was. I’m so glad it went off so well. I learned about some new bands and experienced stuff I never would have checked out otherwise. I didn’t love every band, but I didn’t really hate any of them. Favorites of the weekend were Bronze Fawn, You May Die in the Desert, Beast Please Be Still, and This is a Process of a Still Life. I would have liked to seen Panther Attack, Bird Show of North America, Rooftops, Mikaela’s Fiend, Sweet Potatoes (to mess with the purists, how about a mostly vocal band?) and, screw it, Don Caballero. But I didn’t put this festival together, and it’s entirely likely that no one would go to any show I put together. Hopefully, a ton of people enjoyed the festival. I know I did, but now I’m ridiculously tired and need to sleep in a bad way. I just stared at that sentence for a minute. I just spelled sentence with an i (and then deleted it). I’m done.

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carousel festival #3 day 2 – the greenhouse

i haven’t been to a house show in a long time. i loved house shows at one time. the chaos and disorganization. the x-mas lights. the underage drinking and stench of pot smoke. the heat and humidity of a small basement full of rocking. some weird bands you’ve never heard of. etc. etc. etc.

i’ve been thinking about putting on house shows for a long time. we did a couple at the place we were renting. we could have done some here before the basement was all fixed up if we really wanted to, but the room is pretty small. with some work and a lot of foam materials we could rig up some sound proofing for the garage. but our nice neighbor has twins babies now. and the crazy neighbor is crazy. and there’s a bunch of condos behind us. and if some kids got busted for underage drinking here, it’s quite possible i wouldn’t have a job anymore. it’s too bad straightedge music is so dumb and the people are all frat boys. maybe we could do house comedy shows. or story time. or game night.

upon entering the greenhouse i paid my mandatory $5 donation and asked to be directed to the restroom. place seemed nice enough. well, messed up enough to have house shows in, that is. i quickly got bored and purchased heart murmur, benji DIY’s zine. i read some of it as i sat downstairs watching bronze fawn set up. me and bryce talked about (the) hungry pines break up and how he could have played three times that night if he really tried. it was a funny joke. then, some dude showed up, set up a tape player and started playing.

i thought it ironic that a guy who named his solo project mattress would be playing in a basement that uses mattresses as soundproofing. it was just me, though. there were about 10 people there to watch mattress play. but one guy was *really* excited about it. i don’t know why. the guy sings with a low voice through a delay pedal along to some tapes of drum machines and synthesizer. it was all very weird. and perfect for the start to a house show.

after mattress, there were kids doing pop rocks in the corner. i noticed the glow-in-the-dark stars that my sister had on her ceiling in eighth grade. that i stole and brought to the old bartertown to put in my room.

bronze fawn
as my housemate is downstairs yelling at the U.S. basketball team over in China from our couch, i’m reminded that bronze fawn is the opposite of that. they do not make me want to stab anyone. in fact, they were the start of my hour and a half of feeling alright about the world. the start of the “this is what i needed right now” moments. fleeting, but present nonetheless. okay, i have to put on headphones to finish this. play some sad songs that i could sing along with really loud if i had a studio apartment instead of sharing a house with four dudes. hey, bronze fawn is four dudes. well, three play instruments and one does live video editing. if you have to have video, this is the way that makes the most sense to me. the video person becomes a part of the band that way. i didn’t notice this when they played king cobra, but i like it. through their million effects pedals and hard hitting drums, bronze fawn play bad ass mathy instrumentals. the kind that got my foot tapping from the first song. great tempo changes and arrhythmic breakdowns. if i could just sing along with bronze fawn, i’d probably be their third biggest fan, right after the ladies from the hungry pines, who i’ve seen at both shows i’ve been to. it is clear that i need to go to more bronze fawn shows.

yes, you read that right, bronze fawn and then joules. my boy bryce is in both of those bands. i first saw joules at a house party, actually. juhu beach, joules and my old band played. it was fun. joules was also a fundamental part of the best show i have ever seen in my life: the advantage, joules and some crazy guy from portland playing drums and guitar at the same time.  joules is in my top whatever of local bands.  i don’t know how long the list is, but they’re on it for sure.  probably near the top.  they’re so good, that the room was packed and everyone was rocking out.  of the five bands i stuck around for, it was the most popular set.  maybe because they haven’t played for a whole year.  man i’ve missed them.  the premise of joules is basically the same as bronze fawn.  epic mathy instrumentals.  the differences make all the difference, however.  joules is more stripped down.  less effects.  more subtlety in the drumming and the playing.  more rhythmic in their delivery but still very melodic.  a little bit more “WTF just happened there?”  good luck clapping along. 

with tiny bits of silly string dandruff, i sat outside and read benji’s zine and contemplated asking out that lesbian or talking to the only person wearing white. it matches his hair. but instead i stand under the streetlight and contemplate what my neighbor’s babies would think if i converted the garage into a venue.

the abodox
metal? well, the kids that are down here are into this. but there’s not as many kids watching the band as there are kids hanging around outside drinking and smoking. metal makes me really tired. from all the laughing. the abodox does it pretty well, however. with back-of-the-throat screaming and technical precision. they’re loud all the time. sometimes they are a bit grind-y. thank god it’s not all the time.

these guys have a good schtick going: they’re out there to educate us with metal/hardcore. all of their songs are about science fiction authors (this nerd appreciated all the anne mccaffery references). half way through the set, they threw some books out into the crowd (i caught one, but left it on the surfboard for someone who knows how to read). their music would probably do more good if you could understand more than one or two words per song, but hey, i’m old. also, they were trying really hard to be funny, which rarely works. i was a little disappointed that all the kids were missing the education by hanging out outside, but a few more filtered in by the time i left. by the time my ears started bleeding, that is. i really need to go buy some new earplugs, but american music is only open until 6 on the weekends.

i forgot to mention that between joules and the abodox, my friend from the south lake union block party showed up.  the ass that throws his cigarette butts where others are going to sit for several hours.  i took small joy in seeing a young lady kick over his beer.  i left before his band played.  i wanted to stay to watch little party and the bad business (seattle’s electronic no age), but i had no interest in the two bands before them.  ah well.

just to remind me of my place in this world, on the way home, the universe decided to rip the muffler off my car. i circled back and picked it up, but really i found it hard to understand why i deserve this. but there is no question that i do, since it happened. the only thing to do is to find some exhaust shop that is open on sundays, or just drive around sounding like a semi truck until next saturday, which is the next time i could get even close to some place that can help me. or maybe no one can help me. i’d like to just laugh about it. i’d like to just not wake up until something good happens. but instead, i shake my head and think about what i’ll make for breakfast tomorrow. i have some eggs i need to use.

carousel festival day 3 tomorrow. i think i’ll go to the fusion cafe show. panther attack!

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bronze fawn, panther attack — King Cobra

reason #4,000,000 why this is the best city in the world: rock and roll will never die here.

king cobra is a relatively new bar/venue and, as such, is pretty fancy. but fancy in that “we’re right next to the comet” kind of way. the scene in there was very diverse. a guy in a spiked jean/leather jacket with a Filth patch on the back. some girl doing the mary katherine gallagher salute. some dude with 80’s hair metal hair that he must work on for hours. and a bunch of others. definitely my scene. i think i like it.

Panther Attack
the thing about math rock is that it’s so tightly controlled. you want to rock the hell out to it, but you have to concentrate to stay in time. even the band has to constrain itself to keep it in line. and at this point, i’m totally okay with that. the Panther Attack guitar sound reminds me of The Advantage and dave knudson and all those guys. which is also perfectly awesome. in general, i rocked my head in acceptable seattle dancing style for a large portion of the set. i’m a fan, even though they set up two drumsets and only used the second one twice. that goes against my punk rock upbringing of course, but i’ve been doing that a lot anyhow.

Lords of the North
i refuse to acknowledge the existence of a third band on the bill. take the lights out of your drums, get rid of the $20 puppet head and do something i care about and then we’ll talk.

Bronze Fawn
Bronze Fawn were like ice cream in winter time. not in the summer, when you’ve taken for granted how awesome ice cream is, but in the winter. when you’ve forgotten how great it can be and one tiny sample reminds you that there is good in the world still. they have this effortless musicianship that is thrown about with reckless abandon. the kind i dream about achieving but simply do not have the dedication to ever accomplish. there’s something about their triplets that warms my heart. i was worried that the visuals and the electronic drum triggers and the crazy effects would let me down, but i think i’m somewhat over that phase of my life. i mean, i have been playing midi keyboard for a couple months now. at any rate, Bronze Fawn, you’re my hero.

i had a hard time getting to this show. not because i couldn’t find parking or because my car wouldn’t start or whatever. it was for the same reason i hate getting up in the morning sometimes. because i often don’t want to do the things i want to do. i have to force myself to do things that i know i love (go to shows, go to work, etc.). like some sort of extra gravity weighs down on my soul that i have to lift weights to overcome. but i did so tonight. and i’m mostly glad. i feel like something is still missing, though.

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