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Tacocat, Slutever, (Pony Time) – Chop Suey

Man, I haven’t been to a show in a long time. I haven’t reviewed a show in an even longer time. I’m letting this oldness get the best of me, I guess. Well, I’ll try harder. Maybe.

Pony Time is a two-piece that is fun and stuff. Okay, I missed them because we were lazy getting out of the house. Oldness.

Slutever is another two-piece. This band apparently moved here from Philadelphia and I was real stoked to see what was happening in that punk hotspot. They seem to have a good message, and, given my background in punk, I should really like them. However, the out of tune vocals, sloppy drumming, and one not-particularly-well-played guitar wasn’t really doing it for me last night. There were a section of folks up front that were stoked and Tacocat said Slutever was one of their favorite bands, so they have some sway with the youth of today I guess. This old fart will just go listen to some Bikini Kill or Spitboy something.

Man, I was just thinking that I could do my little part to smash the patriarchy by describing bands full of dudes as dude bands to balance out how many times I mention a lady band is fully of ladies. Sorry, I digress. By the way, these are all lady bands, pretty much.

Tacocat was having their record release party last night. They threw a bunch of candy out and smashed two piñatas. They ended the night by inviting every woman on stage who was experiencing their lady time to dance along and celebrate their lady-ness. The crowd on the dance floor was particularly lovey-dovey, even for Valentine’s Day. Yet, at the back, the old folks were standing around and started trickling out early so they could open the store in the morning. Look, I wasn’t dancing, but I wasn’t unimpressed enough to leave early. Tacocat have a lot of fun with their 60’s pop boom-chk-chk-boom-chk drum beats, solid melodies and tambourine. Recordings remind me a bit of Kamala and The Karnivores or a number of other early 90’s Lookout Records pop-punk bands (dare I say it? The Donnas? [NOOOOO!]), but last night’s show was definitely more polished than the sound I remember. The vocals were solid,  the band itself was pretty tight, and it was easy to feel the love in the room and have fun. If you’re not a thousand-year old grump like me. Anyways, I’m glad I got off the couch to check out some new bands for once. I’m sure I’ll see Tacocat again in the future.

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No, I didn’t go to the show tonight.

I wanted to go to the show, but I just couldn’t wake up today.  Staying up for 22 hours at a time is not so good for us old folks.  I feel a little bit like a failure today and I could spend a significant amount of time typing about all the things I should have done (gone to the show, cleaned the bathroom, gone to soul night and danced with someone, etc.) but the requirements of Awesome 2009 dictate that none of that happens.

So, I will focus on my successes today:

I worked hard on writing about my adventures from yesterday.  That means I will have pre-thought out my stories when the time comes to tell them.  I tested the stories a bit at dinner with the boys this evening.

I played piano for a significant amount of time.  I thought about maybe recording one of these 30 minute long sessions and cutting bits up that I like and then posting those bits or expanding those bits into songs.  I continue to formulate the picture and sound of this side project idea.

I checked out another response to my singer ad.

I bought the Cave Singers 7″.

I arranged to go to the rally car worksession tomorrow.

Not such a bad day after all.  This looking for positives thing is helping to make 2009 awesome.  I am now going to read a book and fall asleep doing so.

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