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Bronze Fawn, Panther Attack!, The Oregon Donor, The Mission Orange – The Comet

I’ve reviewed all of these bands before, and it’s 1:18 AM, so I’ll be brief.

Don’t you hate it when people say “I’ll be brief.” when they could have been much briefer by not saying that in the first place. Well, it annoys me. Plus it reminds of briefs. Ugh.

The Mission Orange: Back in my first review of them, I said they should play with Panther Attack and Bronze Fawn.  I win.  Also, they are still awesome.  They’ll be playing folklife, the festival I never will go to.

The Oregon Donor: In that same review, I say that The Oregon Donor is okay, but not awesome.  They still are.

Panther Attack!: Panther Attack! ruled super hard tonight!  They stayed really technical but were all angry and passionate at the same time.  I, and the rest of the venue, were ecstatic!!  These guys keep getting better.

Bronze Fawn: Awesome! I like Bronze Fawn a lot.  They’re so epic and long-attention-span and loud all at once.  It’s great.  And there’s live-modified (edited? what’s the word?) video to go along with it.  I’m excited for the new record they’re going to record in May.

The soup I made for dinner: So good!  I made potato leek soup and bought some rosemary flatbread to go with it.  I did a great job.  I am awesome.

I’m pretty sure I saw Seattle Show Gal at the show tonight (I think I was rocking out right next to her, actually. Don’t ask me how I know, just recall that I have a stupid ability to remember things.), so if you want a more professional review with ratings and what not, you can probably find it at her blog.  I’m too tired to think straight.  However, I’m looking forward to pretty much everything coming up.  So that’s pretty awesome.

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H is for Hellgate, Wah Wah Exit Wound, Panther Attack!, The Curious Mystery – The Greenhouse

I tried to grow out my beard a little in preparation for tonight. So I could blend in a bit. My goal was to meet some new folks, but instead I found myself content with just sneaking about and watching a couple bands. I showed up 45 minutes late, thinking the show would run on “house show time” but, alas, it was running on schedule. So I missed The Curious Mystery. They’ll have to stay a mystery.

If you haven’t been to The Greenhouse, I suggest that you go. I like the space. It sounds pretty decent and, except for the PA, you can pretty much hear everything. The folks are real nice and it is decorated very well. Shows are cheap and parking is pretty simple. All in all, it’s a pretty magical house show spot and I hope that the neighbors like it too.

Panther Attack
Panther Attack started with the longest crescendo known to mankind. Let’s say it was about a hundred hours. Or maybe 2 minutes. A fistful of “hey we’re playing” in the form of some drums and bass under the doo dit do doo guitar lines welcomed everyone from upstairs as they made their way down the perilous stairs and through the bead door into the rock and roll. As I’ve said elsewhere, I like Panther Attack. I’m glad other people like them too. I’m very glad they’re playing the Cumulus Festival in January, which I will be stoked to attend. They have awesome tempo and rhythm changes that just appear out of nowhere. I’ve given up trying to count the time signatures. They hide them in constant motion, a shuffling of feet to go with your nodding head, guitar over guitar over bass over drum counter melody and counter rhythm. There are no long notes, only passing moments of tone that wander like a seabird searching for food among the pounding waves. Pausing only long enough to dip it’s head down and pick up some tasty bit of protein preserved by salt water. All these pretty melodies and rhythms and cool syncopated beats. Man somebody needs to do this type of stuff with some vocals. Email don at this website (without the www, obviously) to have me audition. Now. Anyways, now that I’ve buttered up Panther Attack let me be more realistic and mention what I would do differently if I had any talent. Panther Attack are great at the quiet to mid-level dynamics. If it were me, I’d throw in some super loud parts to offset the quiet parts. They had a couple moments that were what I was thinking about, but nothing that really blew my mind and made us all lose control of ourselves. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect and nice all the time guys. Change #2: get rid of the second drumset. It’s pointless and adds nothing. Sure, you can show off your multi-instrumentalism, but you don’t need to. Keep rocking the second guitar, it sounds awesome. The second drums are just unnecessary. Okay, enough complaining. Panther Attack rules and I’ll go see them again any time.

H is for Hellgate
It’s been about a year since I’ve seen H is for Hellgate and they’ve gone through some lineup changes in that time. Gone are the drummer and the second guitarist. There is a new drummer and they’ve moved to a power trio set up. H is for Hellgate is still having fun, at least. “We are the Jonas Brothers” is a pretty good hint at that. We were also treated to a couple off-color jokes from the bassist. Yes, the bassist that I talked smack about in an early blog post if you were here for that. I didn’t mind the HOORAY line tonight. I was in a very poor mood at that 31 Knots show. I almost shouted out HOORAY myself when he asked “Who feels alone tonight.” I thought it would have been funny. But tonight I was invisible and preoccupied with some tasks I have coming up. Speaking of things coming up, H is for Hellgate is playing the High Dive on the 5th and releasing their new CD at the same time. I’ll be going to a fancy party that evening and attempting to recover from my tattoo work, so I’ll probably miss that show. Let me know how it goes. Oh, I should probably talk about tonight’s set. The PA was a bit too quiet, but overall the sound was pretty decent. They reminded me of Rainer Maria, but something was gnawing on the edges of this comparison. The crowd was having fun and unperturbed by this chomp chomp chomp at the good times that I was feeling, so it must be just me. After a song or two, I figured it out: the drummer. He reminds me of a certain drummer I know: good enough but not awesome. He lacks the finesse of an amazing drummer and certain transitions were just sloppy. Before everyone jumps on me for talking smack about yet another member of H is for Hellgate I better say something nice. Jamie Hellgate and Ben Hooray were holding it together on guitar and bass respectively. I like Jamie’s guitar playing a lot and Ben was doing a fine job of thumping on the bass. I think that if H is for Hellgate could find a drummer that was more than just competent, they’d be doing pretty well for themselves. They seem like good friends and I hope they’re having fun together. If so, they should ignore me and keep on keeping on. Maybe the drummer was just sick or having a bad night. I’m curious how the CD turned out. Go to the High Dive on the 5th and find out!

The only appropriate thing to do after showing up late is to leave early. So I missed out on Wah Wah Exit Wound (who played out of sequence, if they played at all). Go see these two bands and go to The Greenhouse when you get a chance. See you out there.

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bronze fawn, panther attack — King Cobra

reason #4,000,000 why this is the best city in the world: rock and roll will never die here.

king cobra is a relatively new bar/venue and, as such, is pretty fancy. but fancy in that “we’re right next to the comet” kind of way. the scene in there was very diverse. a guy in a spiked jean/leather jacket with a Filth patch on the back. some girl doing the mary katherine gallagher salute. some dude with 80’s hair metal hair that he must work on for hours. and a bunch of others. definitely my scene. i think i like it.

Panther Attack
the thing about math rock is that it’s so tightly controlled. you want to rock the hell out to it, but you have to concentrate to stay in time. even the band has to constrain itself to keep it in line. and at this point, i’m totally okay with that. the Panther Attack guitar sound reminds me of The Advantage and dave knudson and all those guys. which is also perfectly awesome. in general, i rocked my head in acceptable seattle dancing style for a large portion of the set. i’m a fan, even though they set up two drumsets and only used the second one twice. that goes against my punk rock upbringing of course, but i’ve been doing that a lot anyhow.

Lords of the North
i refuse to acknowledge the existence of a third band on the bill. take the lights out of your drums, get rid of the $20 puppet head and do something i care about and then we’ll talk.

Bronze Fawn
Bronze Fawn were like ice cream in winter time. not in the summer, when you’ve taken for granted how awesome ice cream is, but in the winter. when you’ve forgotten how great it can be and one tiny sample reminds you that there is good in the world still. they have this effortless musicianship that is thrown about with reckless abandon. the kind i dream about achieving but simply do not have the dedication to ever accomplish. there’s something about their triplets that warms my heart. i was worried that the visuals and the electronic drum triggers and the crazy effects would let me down, but i think i’m somewhat over that phase of my life. i mean, i have been playing midi keyboard for a couple months now. at any rate, Bronze Fawn, you’re my hero.

i had a hard time getting to this show. not because i couldn’t find parking or because my car wouldn’t start or whatever. it was for the same reason i hate getting up in the morning sometimes. because i often don’t want to do the things i want to do. i have to force myself to do things that i know i love (go to shows, go to work, etc.). like some sort of extra gravity weighs down on my soul that i have to lift weights to overcome. but i did so tonight. and i’m mostly glad. i feel like something is still missing, though.

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