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15 results for The Mr. T Experience:
"Alternative is Here To Stay"
(Lookout Records / Mint Records, 1995) 7" record
"And I Will Be With You / Don't Go Breaking My Heart / You Alone 7 Inch Vinyl"
(Lookout! Records, 1997) 7" record
"Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood"
(Rough Trade, 1989) 12" record
"Everyone's Entitled to Their Own Opinion"
(Lookout Records, 1995) CD
"Gun Crazy"
(Lookout Records, 1992) 7" record
"Love American Style"
(Lookout Records, 1991) 7" record
"Love Is Dead"
(Lookout Records / Mint Records, 1996) 12" record
"Making Things with Light"
(Lookout Records, 1994) CD
"Milk Milk Lemonade"
(Lookout Records, 1994) CD
"Night Shift at the Thrill Factory"
(Sixth International, 1988) 12" record
"Our Bodies Our Selves"
(Lookout Records, 2006) 12" record
"Revenge Is Sweet, and So Are You"
(Lookout Records, 1997) CD
"Sex Offender"
(Vital Music Records, 1990) 7" record
"So Long Sucker"
(Lookout Records, 1989) 7" record
"Tapin' Up My Heart"
(Lookout Records, 1994) 7" record