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"4 Way Split"
(Fast Crowd Records, 2009) 7" record
"403 Chaos Comp"
(Schematics, 1998) CD
"A Slice of Lemon"
(Lookout Records / Kill Rock Stars, 1995) 12" record
"A Very Small World"
(Very Small Records, 1991) 12" record
"All About Friends Forever, Volume Five"
(All About Friends Forever, 2014) 7" record
"All About Friends Forever, Volume Four"
(All About Friends Forever, 2013) 7" record
"All About Friends Forever, Volume One"
(All About Friends Forever, 2012) 7" record
"All About Friends Forever, Volume Three"
(All About Friends Forever, 2013) 7" record
"All That Was Built Here"
(Missing Records, 2002) CD
"American Music Press Presents Vol. 1 - Hardcore"
(Amp, 2004) CD
"American Music Press Presents Vol. 3-Metal"
(Amp, 2004) CD
"Angus: Music From The Motion Picture"
(Warner Bros / Wea, 1995) CD
"Are You With The Band?"
(Paper + Plastick, 2012) 12" record
"Art Of The Underground Single Series, Year Five"
(Art Of The Underground, 2009) other vinyl
"Art Of The Underground Single Series, Year Four"
(Art Of The Underground, 2008) other vinyl
"Art Of The Underground Single Series, Year Three"
(Art Of The Underground, 2007) other vinyl
"Art Of The Underground Singles Series, Year 1"
(Art Of The Underground, 2005) other
"Art Of The Underground Singles Series, Year 2"
(Art Of The Underground, 2006) other vinyl
"Asian Man Music for Asian Man People"
(Asian Man Records, 2013) 12" record
"Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault: Jawbreaker Tribute"
(Dying Wish / Suburban Home, 2003) CD
"Beep Repaired Family Tree"
(Beep Repaired, 2006) CD
"Beep Repaired Family Tree II"
(Beep Repaired, 2009) CD
"Bobbing For Pavement"
(Rathouse Records, 1991) 12" record
"Bread: The Edible Napkin (Test Press 1)"
(No Idea, 1997) 12" record
(Excursion, 1997) 7" record
(Broken Rekids, 1995) 7" record
"Can of Pork"
(Lookout Records, 1994) CD
"CD Baby compilation: Songs for the lovelorn"
(CD Baby, 2003) CD
"City Limits: Down and Out In Toronto and Montreal"
(High Anxiety / No Idea Records, 2011) 12" record
"Dance Craze - The Best of British Ska... Live!"
(Chrysalis, 1981) 12" record
"Delicious Vinyl: Fest '08"
(Suburban Home, 2008) 12" record
"Dirtnap Across the Norhtwest"
(Dirtnap Records, 2003) CD
"Discharged - From Home Front To War Front"
(Allied, 1991) 7" record
"Don't Forget to Breathe"
(Crank! a Record Co., 1999) CD
"Down in Front"
(No Idea Records, 2001) CD
"Emergency Broadcast Systems - Volume One"
(Allied, 1992) 7" record
"Emergency Broadcast Systems, Vol. 2"
(Allied, 1992) 7" record
"Emo Diaries, Vol. 1: What's Mine Is Yours"
(Deep Elm, 1997) CD
"Empty Sampler 2"
(Empty Records, 1997) CD
"Everyone Knows I Play Favorites And Like 10" Volume 2: All Of My Friends Are Total Dreamboats"
(Chunksaah, 2015) 10" record
"Fat Music for Fat People"
(Fat Wreck Chords, 1998) CD
"Flex Your Head"
(Dischord, 1982) 12" record
"For A Better Life"
(Top Drawer, 1992) 7" record
(Excursion, 1996) CD
"FRANKENSTEIN and other Rock Monsters!"
(CBS Records, 1984) 12" record
"Fun! With Sound Effects, Vol. III"
(Spectacular Sound Effects, 1994) CD
"Gilman Street Block Party (Record II Only)"
(Bootleg, ) 7" record
"God Save The Queers"
(Asian Man, 2008) CD
"HeartattaCk #10"
(Ebullition, 1995) 12" record
"Here's Your Warning: A Northwest Hardcore Compilation"
(Excursion, 2003) CD
"Holiday Matinee 3: Composed on Bicycles"
(Second Nature, 2002) CD
"I Can't Live Without It"
(The Mountain Collective, 1996) 12" record
"I Killed Punk Rock"
(Bouncing Betty Records, 2006) CD
"Inclined Plane"
(Simple Machines, 1993) 7" record
"International Pop Underground Convention"
(K, 1992) CD
"Kill All Hippies"
(Sanctuary Records Group, 2001) CD
"Later, That Same Year..."
(S.P.A.M., Absolutely Zippo, 1999) CD
"Let's Try Something Newer"
(CI, 1995) 10" record
"Lookout! Freakout Episode 3"
(Lookout!, 2003) CD
"Mail Order Is Fun"
(Asian Man, 1998) CD
"Make the Collector Nerd Sweat"
(Too Many Records, 1995) 10" record
"Misfit Heartbeat"
(Iteration / Take a Day, 1993) 7" record
"More Songs About Plants and Trees"
(Allied Recordings, 1990) 7" record
"Music for the Proletariat"
(Allied Recordings, 1994) CD
"My Life In A Jugular Vein"
(Not On Label, 2007) CD
"No Band Is an Island"
(Knw-Yr-Own, 2008) CD
"No Idea #9"
(No Idea, 1992) 7" record
"Plan-It-X Comp #2"
(Plan-It-X, 2008) CD
"Plea for Peace"
(Asian Man, 2000) CD
"Plea for Peace/Take Action"
(Sub City Records, 2001) CD
"Polyvinyl Sampler 2002-2003"
(Polyvinyl Records, 2002) CD
"Power Of Ten, A Northwest Hardcore Compilation"
(Excursion / 1-2-3-4 GO!!! Records, 2002) 7" record
"Puget Power 3"
(Regal Select, 1992) 7" record
"Puget Power, Act 2"
(Regal Select, 1991) 7" record
"Punk Seven Inch CD, Vol. 1: 1988-1989"
(Lookout Records, 2003) CD
"Punk Uprisings"
(Lookout Records, 1996) CD
"Punk USA"
(Lookout Records, 1994) 12" record
"Punk-O-Rama, Vol. 2"
(Epitaph, 1996) CD
"Read Army Faction"
(No Idea Records / AK Press, 2000) 7" record
"Remember CDs?"
(Side One Dummy, 2015) CD
"Rev25 NYC: October 11-14, 2012"
(Revelation, 2012) 12" record
"Ritalin Riot 2"
(ADD, 2001) CD
"Rock Stars Kill"
(Kill Rock Stars, 1994) other vinyl
"Sasquatch! - and other nasty little freaks"
(Kirbdog, 1991) CD
"Sasquatch: The Man, The Myth, The Compilation"
(Kirbdog, 1991) 7" record
"Self Portrait"
(Permafrost Records, 1998) 7" record
"Short Music for Short People"
(Fat Wreck Chords, 1999) CD
"Sign Language"
(Allied, 0) other vinyl
"Single Series: Year Six"
(Art Of The Underground, 2012) other vinyl
"Sonic Terror Surge 2007 - An Alternative Tentacles Compilation"
(Alternative Tentacles, 2007) CD
"Southern Tree Polyvinyl Sampler"
(Southern Records, 1998) CD
"Springman Records Sampler"
(Springman Records, 2003) CD
"Story of Star Wars"
(20th Century Records, 1977) 12" record
"Strength In Weakness"
(Lame-O, 2015) 12" record
"Summer 2012 Saddle Creek Sampler"
(Saddle Creek, 2012) CD
"Teriyaki Asthma VII"
(C/Z Records, 1992) 7" record
"The Association of Utopian Hologram Swallowers"
(Polyvinyl, 2005) 7" record
"The Business Select, Vol. 1"
(The Business, 2012) CD
"The Emo Diaries, Chapter 12: I Love You But In The End I Will Destroy You"
(Deep Elm, 2011) CD
"The Emo Diaries, Chapter 3: The Moment Of Truth"
(Deep Elm, 1999) CD
"The Imaginary Zine Mix 2012"
(Three Imaginary Girls, 2012) CD
"The Journal of Popular Noise, Vol. 1, Issues 10-12"
(The Journal of Popular Noise, 2008) 7" record
"The Lark in the Morning"
(Tradition Recordings, 1956) 12" record
"The Lookouting!"
(Lookout, Hopeless, 2018) 12" record
"The Power of Ten, Vol. 2"
(Excursion, 2004) 7" record
"The Power of Ten, Vol. 2"
(Excursion, 2004) 7" record
"The Pressure Will Kill Us"
(Blue Blue Blue, 1998) 7" record
"The Revival Tour Fall 2009 Collection"
(Ten Four Records, 2009) CD
"The Thing That Ate Floyd"
(Lookout Records, 1988) 12" record
"Three On The Tree"
(C/Z, 1994) 7" record
"Turn It Around!"
(Maximum Rocknroll, 1987) 7" record
"Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk"
(1-2-3-4 Go!, 2018) 12" record
"Universal Choking Sign"
(Excursion Records, 1994) 12" record
"Victory Style, Vol. 2"
(Victory Records, 1997) CD
"Viva La Vinyl"
(Dead Beat Records / Campground Records, 1989) 12" record
"We Are All Guilty: A Northwest Punk Rock Compilation"
(Outcast, 1994) 12" record
"Welcome to x502x"
(2 Steps Forward, 1997) 7" record
"Willamette Week's Musicfest NW 2009"
(Willamette Week, 2009) CD
"Xtra Hangs"
(Xtra Mile, 2013) CD