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Various Artists - Dirtnap Across the Norhtwest
Alternative Rock CD
Dirtnap Records (2003, zzz-25)
I paid $14.98 for this record.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

1: Join The Proffesionals The Epoxies
2: Forgotten Generation New Town Animals
3: Missing You The Stuck Ups
4: All My Friends Are In Bands Catahoula Hounds
5: Sniffin' Glue The Exploding Hearts
6: Stuck The Pulses
7: Theitch The Cripples
8: The Universe The Intelligence
9: Take your Time The Cinch
10: Better Off Alone Midnight Thunder Express
11: Dumbstruck The Diskords
12: Piss On The Youth The Briefs
13: Song By Heart The Triggers
14: Outta Mind Rotten Apples
15: Here Comes The Pancakes The Popular Shapes
16: The One The Flip Tops
17: 23 Screwtop Wine The Earaches
18: Head Like A Cabbage The Gloryholes
19: Like I Could Die The Hunches
20: Downer Pill The Dark Places
21: Cretin Lopez
22: Waiting For America Meaculpa
23: POW The Hollowpoints
24: Girls Can't Rock Cookie
25: Pushin' Freedom The Authorities
26: Burn It Down The Mexican Blackbirds
27: So Much To Give The Electric Eye
28: Hate You The High Beams
29: Grey Turns To Black Shanghai Junk
30: Consistent The Pistuns
31: Comp Song The Spits

Last updated: 10/07/2013
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