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Hot Water Music - 20 Year Anniversary
Post-hardcore 12" vinyl (/4000, olive/grey/orange/red vinyls)
Rise (2015, Rise 269)
I paid $48.62 for this record.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

A1. Turnstile
A2. Freightliner
A3. Difference Engine
B1. Just Don't Say Lose It
B2. Better Sense
B3. Manual (live version)
C1. It's Hard to Know
C2. No Division
C3. Free Radio Gainsville
C4. Rooftops (live version)
D1. A Flight and a Crash
D2. Paper Thin
D3. A Clear Line
D4. Jack of all Trades
E1. Remedy
E2. Trusty Chords
E3. Wayfarer
E4. I Was on a Mountain
F1. All Heads Down
F2. Poison
F3. Giver
F4. Keep it Together
G1. Drag My Body
G2. Drown in It
G3. Boy, You're Gonna Hurt Someone
G4. State of Grace
H1. Alachua (f/ Never Ender)
H2. Moonpies (f/ 'Till the Wheels Fall Off)
H3. Last Goodbyes (f/ 'Till the Wheels Fall Off)
H4. Us and Chuck (f/ Never Ender)

Last updated: 06/21/2015
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