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Various Artists - Here's Your Warning: A Northwest Hardcore Compilation
Hardcore CD
Excursion (2003, EXC-43)
I don't remember how much I paid for this.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

1: 116 Champion
2: Note To Jaded Scenesters: Fuck Off Pistols At Dusk
3: Taped Up Windows To See You Broken
4: Here's To You The Answer
5: This City Kills Hardesty
6: Biggest Lie Rosary
7: I Will Rise Mav Comai
8: Coming Up Last Positively Negative
9: T.G.I.F. Stay Gold
10: Everybody Hates Monday Mornings 14 Days Of Terror
11: Unweary Divinity Of Truth
12: The Swallows Have Sharpened Their Beaks Dead In Hollywood
13: Rain To The Sound Of Panic Himsa
14: Mirror Lake Left With Nothing
15: Play It Safe Blue Monday
16: Breaking You Cold Sweat
17: The Fine Art Of Putting Knives In People's Backs The Entropy Project
18: Children Of War Lahar
19: Disbelief Screwjack
20: Frequenting Mass Transit Botch
21: Never Chop Your Rope Deadsure
22: Hellraiser The Hit
23: Records Waxwing

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