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Various Artists - HeartattaCk #10
Hardcore 12" vinyl (yellow marble vinyl)
Ebullition (1995, Ebullition #27)
I paid $5.91 for this record.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

A1: Work Ethic Incurable Complaint
A2: Cotton Blen The Fisticuffs Bluff
A3: Bricoleur The Fisticuffs Bluff
A4: Invisible Man Jihad
A5: 7:14 Shotmaker
A6: Running On A Treadmill Manrae
B1: Face Value Union Of Uranus
B2: Flamingo Stance Amber Inn
B3: Long Way Down ľK.A.S.H.
B4: Untitled Loomis Slovak
B5: The End Is Night IG-88
B6: Looking Glass Skyscraper

Last updated: 07/27/2016
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