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Various Artists - Art Of The Underground Single Series, Year Three
Punk other vinyl (box set, /250)
Art Of The Underground (2007, AOTU 57)
I paid $30.91 for this record.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

Young Offenders - Single Series Volume 13
A: Trelawny's Army Young Offenders
B: Angels Young Offenders
Potboiler - Single Series Volume 14
A: 56th And Grove Potboiler
B: Self Pity For Dummies Potboiler
The Unlovables - Single Series Volume 15
A: Anywhere The Unlovables
B: Ramona The Unlovables
Modern Machines - Single Series Volume 16
A: The Right Girl Modern Machines
B: The House On Buffalo Rd. Modern Machines
Giant Haystacks - Single Series Volume 17
A: All Back To Mine Giant Haystacks
B: The Scar That Will Never Heal Giant Haystacks
North Lincoln - Single Series Volume 18
A: In A Year Of Years North Lincoln
B: Blame North Lincoln
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Single Series Volume 19
A: David J. Is A Sickness Andrew Jackson Jihad
B: Love My Children Andrew Jackson Jihad
The Potential Johns - Series Volume 20
A: I'd Like To See Potential Johns
B: Please Believe Potential Johns
The Leftovers - Single Series Volume 21
A: The Only One The Leftovers
B: Who's That Guy The Leftovers
Ghost Mice - Single Series Volume 22
A: Gone Gone Gone Ghost Mice
B: Homesick Ghost Mice
Gordon Gano's Army - Single Series Volume 23
A: Gunna Run Away Gordon Gano's Army
B: Who You Really Are Gordon Gano's Army
Exit Strategy - Single Series Volume 24
A: Smells Like Burning Exit Strategy
B: Those Pigeons Are Real Exit Strategy

Last updated: 07/27/2016
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