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Various Artists - Art Of The Underground Single Series, Year Four
Punk other vinyl (box set, /250)
Art Of The Underground (2008, AOTU 082)
I paid $32.92 for this record.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

Volume 25
A: Grey Like The Whale Delay
B: The Oak And The Rose Delay
Volume 26
A:Cassandra Closet Fairies
B: Tight Lips Closet Fairies
Volume 27
A: Black Lung The Steinways
B: Headache - Girlfriend = Zen The Steinways
Volume 28
A: One More 2nd Chance The Apers
B: Wait A Little Longer The Apers
Volume 29
A: Deal With It Cheeky
B: The Golden Ghost Cheeky
Volume 30
A: I'm Just Here Unwelcome Guests
B: Giving Up On Love Unwelcome Guests
Volume 31
A: Game Of Pricks Chinese Telephones
B: I Don't Wanna Get Involved Chinese Telephones
Volume 32
A: Holy Moley Tin Armor
B: Flesh! Tin Armor
Volume 33
A: Clamor On Alex Kerns
B: I Know I'm Not Wrong Alex Kerns
Volume 34
A: Let It Go The Jetty Boys
B: 1% The Jetty Boys
Volume 35
A: Gary Scream Hello
B: Gygax Scream Hello
Volume 36
A: Duck And Cover The Manges
B: Bad BrainThe Manges

Last updated: 07/27/2016
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