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Various Artists - Art Of The Underground Single Series, Year Five
Punk other vinyl (box set, /250)
Art Of The Underground (2009, AOTU 091)
I paid $30.91 for this record.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

Vol 37
A: We've Upped Our Standards, Now Up Yours The Measure (SA)
B: The Five Chimes The Measure (SA)
Vol 38
A: Bye Bye Brain Kepi Ghoulie
B: Brain Scrambling Device Kepi Ghoulie
Vol 39
A: Better Thoughts Instead Cheap Girls
B: Modern Faces Cheap Girls
Vol 40
A: Dead Flowers The Copyrights
B: Carmalita The Copyrights
Vol 41
A: Games With Eachother Sloane Peterson
B: These Days Sloane Peterson
Vol 42
A: 11,11 Stymie
B: Little Stymie
Vol 43
A: So Quickly Noise By Numbers
B: Under The Milky Way Noise By Numbers
Vol 44
A: Too Many Dark Knights Bangers
B: Excuses Be Damned Bangers
Vol 45
A: Paying For The Name The Arteries
B: Turborocket The Arteries
Vol 46
A: Little Champ Sick Sick Birds
B: Up At Night Sick Sick Birds
Vol 47
A: Terrible & True The Besties
B: Take 'Em All The Besties
Vol 48
A: Killer Waves Night Birds
B: Squad Car Night Birds

Last updated: 07/27/2016
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