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Various Artists - Bread: The Edible Napkin (Test Press 1)
Punk 12" vinyl (/8 maybe?, hand written labels, no RE1 in runouts)
No Idea (1997, NIR-020)
I paid $20 for this record.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

A1: Floor Hot Water Music
A2: Who Are You? Floor
A3: Daddy's Got A Problem No Empathy
A4: Achiever 9 Ash County Sluggers
A5: Eggshells Brutal Truth
A6: Bag Christie Front Drive
A7: Wounded Cavity
A8: Anthem For The Youth Pung
A9: Strap Me Down V-Card
B1: The Pessimist Floodgate
B2: Corporate Takeover Against All Authority
B3: Double Negative Serpico
B4: Let's Get In A Fistfight Elmer
B5: Sinister Acts In Bright Sunshine Gus
B6: Friendly Fire Moonraker
B7: Calling For Me The Bruce Lee Band
C1: Sloth Horace Pinker
C2: Generis Car Vs. Driver
C3: Inbred America Locust
C4: Loneliness Equals Coldness Hope Springs Eternal
C5: Stupid Heavy Metal 2 - Restriction Jack With Killer
C6: Lonnie King Friday
C7: Katy Cat Braid
C8: No One Gets Through The Lisa Killers
C9: Jack Rhythm Collision
D1: Soar Sideshow
D2: $13,000 Is A Lot Of Food (Live) Skankin' Pickle
D3: Furioso Zapping Crunch
D4: Sunstroke Threadbare
D5: Doozer La, Doozer Do The End Of The Century Party
D6: Someone Stole My Bike Still Life
D7: White People In The Park Bombs Of Cheese

Last updated: 11/19/2016
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