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Various Artists - Single Series: Year Six
Punk other vinyl (/250)
Art Of The Underground (2012, AOTU 099)
I paid $36 for this record.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

Vol 49
A: World Of The Known - Classics Of Love
B: Line Through Your Name - Classics Of Love
Vol 50
A: Hermit Love - Full Of Fancy
B: Marriage - Full Of Fancy
Vol 51
A: Tornado - Black Wine
B: Windy - Black Wine
Vol 52
A: Pray It Never Comes - Dead Mechanical
B: Aneurysm - Dead Mechanical
Vol 53
A: Am I Cool - The Young Leaves
B: Something Missing - The Young Leaves
Vol 54
A: Catholic Guilt - Plates
B: Lineage - Plates
Vol 55
A: Shelter Girl - Sundials
B: Drag Me To The Core - Sundials
Vol 56
A: Creeping Me Out - The Creeps
B: Car Crash - The Creeps
Vol 57
A: Lights And Lights - American War
B: With Weight - American War
Vol 58
A: Stay Up - So Adult
B: From The Curve - So Adult
Vol 59
A: Knitting Circle - Deep Pockets
B: Wet Firecracker - Deep Pockets

Last updated: 02/17/2018
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