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Various Artists - Ritalin Riot 2
Punk CD
ADD (2001, ADD011)
I don't remember how much I paid for this.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

1: Eye to Eye Jersey
2: I'm Weak Inside Against All Authority
3: Kids Don't Follow Doc Hopper
4: All Things Repeat Regardless The Tim Version
5: Jim & Me The Jack Palance Band
6: All Lesser Devils The Thumbs
7: This is Fucking Tragic The Impossibles
8: Proxima Centauri At the Drive In
9: Grip Leatherface
10: Translocation Hot Water Music
11: Pinky Swear The Movie Life
12: Hideaway Small Brown Bike
13: Four Feet From Forever Fastbreak
14: Just Pull the Trigger Cadillac Blindside
15: A Finger Pointing Towards the Moon El Secondhand
16: Marathon Closure
17: B. A. T. Pseudo Heroes
18: Spoken Like a True Asshole Pinhead Circus
19: Clockwork Cooter
20: Some of My Favorite Badasses Bitchin
21: Shit Flowing From My Mouth A.D.D.C.
22: I am a Villian The Bar Feeders
23: Temper Temper Smackin Isaiah
24: I Wish I Was Dumb The Gamits
25: Pisshead Five Cent Deposit
26: Burn it Down The Fairlanes
27: Untried Merrick
28: The Party Ain't Easy Cocaine Summer Splash
29: Jumping Fences The Highlands
30: We Go Together Less Than Jake

Last updated: 12/18/2011
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