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Various Artists - Music for the Proletariat
Punk CD
Allied Recordings (1994, Allied Records No. 26CD)
I paid $1 for this record.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

1: Toe Fry Buzzov•en
2: On a String Dogs on Ice
3: Get Along Everready
4: Lock End Fiddlehead
5: If... Fixtures
6: 22nd/Sundial Friction
7: Kiss the Bottle Jawbreaker
8: Travelers J Church
9: Government Plot Manic Depression
10: Ecology Nations on Fire
11: Power of the Powerless Pissed
12: Someday Political Asylum
13: Wash Away Radon
14: Solution... Resist
15: Clean Air Burns Schedule
16: Happy Hour Schwartzeneggar
17: Hands Hide Sun Scrog
18: People Like You Seein' Red
19: Forgiveness Sleeper
20: Descant Spoke
21: No Means No Strait Up
22: Black Rose Strawman
23: Ultimate Apple Flan Thatcher on Acid
24: Prozak Trench
25: Victims of Fashion Unamused
26: Poems on the Underground Wat Tyler

Last updated: 12/18/2011
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