"Beep Repaired Family Tree II"
◌ ◌ ◌ ◌ ◌(unrated)
Indie CD (hand screened and spray painted cover)
Beep Repaired brr26? (2009)
I don't remember how much I paid for this.
I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.
1: Ain't No Lie Sweet Potatoes
2: Black Eyes Oars
3: Gears of Fire Sequin Socks
4: Still Life with Actress Unlearn
5: I Just Want to Be Your Girl Brittain Ashford
6: Drooplets Corespondents
7: The Numberless Life Leaf Language
8: Cancerhands Snowman Plan
9: Projections Choncey Langford
10: PB & J The Curious Mystery
11: Picky The Graze
12: Sunset Burns Cock and Swan
13: Mouse on Fire Levi Fuller
14: Whalebelly Autopilot is for Lovers
15: Mastodon March, Smilodon Smile Beast, Please Be Still
16: things Resemble Hecka Ar
17: Beyond the Sunset The Leasure Hive
18: Virginia to Nowhere blicky
19: Wall Of A Song The Whoremoans
20: Cape Canaveral The Ironclads
21: Council Bluffs Butcher The Bismarck
22: Landmark Low Red Land
23: Peaches Lonesome Shack
24: Golden State Contraband Country Band
25: Old Time Radio Navigator vs. Navigator
26: Ink And Snow Lake of Falcons
27: Bowties And Lipstick Dead Doctors
28: Hatchet Wound City Police Teeth
29: How Do You ride Yonderlow
30: Broken Mug Blues Webelos
31: Red Door Smile Brigade
32: Arms Baby Sloth
33: Voices And Vigils Virgin of the Birds
34: Tie Le Null Happy Birthday Secret Weapon
35: Rebellion in 4/4 H is for Hellgate
36: FFA Old Man Smithers
37: Pirate Open Choir Fire
Last updated: 12/18/2011
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