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Various Artists - Can of Pork
Punk CD
I paid $15.98 for this record.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

1: Bad Trip Pounded Clown
2: Trinidad Brent's TV
3: Promise Is a Promise Lizards
4: Evolution Engage
5: Redneck Woman from Planet Mars Horny Mormons
6: Gotta Get a Job One Man Running
7: Kick Me in the Head The Lookouts
8: Void Anger Means
9: Piano Song from Hell Krupted Peasant Farmers
10: Whiners Preachers That Lie
11: Sidetrack Porcelain Boys
12: Hole Drippy Drawers
13: Noble End Lag Wagon
14: Martian Los Rudiments
15: Learning How to Smile Rice
16: Parents Are Really Weird Jack Acid
17: 17 Reasons Fifteen
18: College Town Juke
19: T-Shirt Commercial Mystery Experience
20: Berthe Vagrants
21: Benicia by the Bay Pinhead Gunpowder
22: North Berkeley Downfall
23: Break Wynona Riders
24: Dysfunction Spitboy
25: Why Quit Good Grief
26: Other Day Freefall
27: Two Sawhorse
28: Vive la France Mr. T Experience

Last updated: 12/18/2011
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