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Various Artists - A Slice of Lemon
Punk 12" vinyl (sealed)
I paid $17.98 for this record.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

1: Young Fidel Chickenhead
2: Hello Yucko Emily's Sassy Lime
3: This Fascist Kills Guitars Men's Recovery Project
4: Big Decision Elliot Smith
5: Downer Solid Gold
6: Blah Blah Delightful Little Nothings
7: Ring of Joy Pansy Division
8: Getting Up the Gumption Fitz of Depression
9: Mathilda Black Fork
10: Red Red #9
11: Umbilical Noose Worst Case Scenario
12: Rudy Rudy Shaken 69
13: Through No Talent
14: Scott and Jane Crumbs
15: The Pick-Up Bear Deerhoof
16: In Between Her Gambling Sounds
17: Maintenance Free Pee-Chees
18: What's New The Couch of Eureka
110: I'd Rather Eat Glass Excuse 17
111: Empty Inside Potatomen
112: Hot Lava Monster Kitty Cat Spy Club
113: Nine Lives Gashley Snub
114: Life at the Abbey Bonnot Gang
115: Roy Third Sex
116: Adjective Mr. T Experience
117: Court Fool Executioners
118: Mr. Holiday Sunnychar
119: Love Like Gravity Bomb Bassetts
120: Safety First Frumpies
121: Lots of Dans Teamsters
122: Silly Dig Yr Grave
123: Blood Twin Go Sailor
124: Diet Punk Rickets
125: Fuck the Kids Lice
126: Feeling Blue Tourettes
127: Green Eyes Cub
128: Wish Fullfilment Pussycat Trash
129: Eternal Circle Mary Lou Lord

Last updated: 12/18/2011
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