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Various Artists - All That Was Built Here
Indie CD
Missing Records (2002, mr010)
I paid $16.84 for this record.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

1: SIlence November Group
2: Modern Day Emma Goldman Pretty Girls Make Graves
3: You Are The Beautiful Conductor Of This Orchestra Juno
4: Tuning + Khat !TCHKUNG!
5: Meet Me At The Water Front After The Social The BLood Brothers
6: Bane Of The Ancient Whales Akimbo
7: Indie Rock Daydream Sicko
8: Time For D. D. T. Ten-O-Seven
9: Psych 245 The Love Punch
10: Subject: I Called Your Name Dolour
11: Awaiting The Day Amy Mahardy
12: All My Friends Are On Prozac Suffering And The Hideous Thieves
13: Boom Swagger Boom The Murder City Devils
14: Stupid Me Botch
15: Unrestrained Trial
16: Intrinsic Rikki Tikki Tabi
17: Babytown Gas Huffer
18: !-Tip Wafflestomper
19: Everything's On Fire Waxwing
20: New Power Seven Ten Split
21: Song X Automaton
22: Shannon Velluto
23: Fantastic Wound Teen Cthulu
24: Cutting Away Undertow

Last updated: 12/18/2011
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