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Various Artists - Plan-It-X Comp #2
Folk-punk CD
Plan-It-X (2008)
I paid $3.98 for this record.

I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

1: Gray Like The Whale Delay
2: Slice Of Palma 2 Heathers
3: Farming Communites The Carrie Nations
4: Thailand Matty Pop Chart
5: House Of God Church This Bike is a Pipe Bomb
6: I Left The Light On Madeline
7: Blood,Rain, Fire, Hail The Dauntless Elite
8: Dipping Things In Stuff Andrew Jackson Jihad
9: We Will Not Quit The Devil is Electric
10: Leed's Lament Erin Tobey
11: Unspeaking Soophie Nun Squad
12: Had Nerd Four Eyes
13: Soda Jerk The Bananas
14: Cold And Clamy Punkin Pie
15: Henery Kelly Antsy Paths
16: Most Of My Days Eric Ayotte
17: Sunsbitches The Door-Keys
18: I-10 Japanther
19: Eith Letters Paul Baribeau
20: I Wish You Made Me Happy Best Friends Forever
21: The Most Beautiful Sight Abe Froman
22: Canadian Ending Los Gatos Negros
23: Blame A Bird For Your Shortcoming Halo Fauna
24: Christmas And Thanksgiving One Reason
25: Lamp Party (Yeah) Sissies
26: Milkcrates Rosa
27: The Moon WIll Rise Ghost Mice
28: Suck It Trebeck (With Saxophone) Stressface
29: King Kong Vs. The Us Army Michael Jordan's Touchdown Pass
30: Ego O Inspiration (live) Dave Dean's Musical Forklift
31: When You Were Sweet Spoonboy
32: Unbind These Roots Your Heart Breaks

Last updated: 12/18/2011
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